How should an adult beginner start learning piano?

Piano For Adult BeginnersWhile visiting classical concerts, perhaps, many of us have a question: how to learn to play the piano, how the music is born under the skillful fingers of the accompanist and will I be able to play something like that? It is then that we say to ourselves “I want to” and begin to frantically look for opportunities to implement what was conceived. Where does this zeal come from? It turns out that scientists have found that music is the main source for enjoyment.

What can we say about classical music and, in particular, about the piano, which managed to present many sweet minutes to more than one generation of listeners. And in order to not only manage electronic records, you can collect all your talent in a fist, more precisely in your fingers, and learn how to play the piano yourself.

Is it possible at home? Why not! Firstly, the piano is much smaller than the piano. Therefore, if you have the opportunity to install it at home and practice at least 15 minutes a day, you will soon be able to master the basics of the game and surprise your loved ones with the beautiful performance of simple, and then more complex compositions. Next, we’ll talk in more detail about how to learn how to play the piano and synthesizer, and also painlessly learn notes in the home. We also offer you to watch video lessons, which detail how to quickly learn to play the instrument from scratch.

Often adults ask themselves the question: “How to learn to play the piano yourself?”. After all, to play music for yourself or for the public is just fine! And you are not to blame for the fact that for some reason your parents decided that as a child you should solve mathematical problems, visit dance clubs, go to a chess club, and leave music for others. But the dream of learning to play the piano can return at any age. And now only you decide whether to do or not, and how much time it will shine.

How to learn to play the piano from scratch

Sit right for the instrument, focus on this.
Place the chair so that the arms are extended forward.
It is necessary that the fingers rest against the open lid of the piano.
Knees should be placed so that they do not rest on the piano, and the feet should be together and stand firm.
Split your elbows to the sides, hands should be rounded, imagine that you seem to be only half-embracing the apple with your palm.
How can one learn a virtuoso piano without a musical notation? Well, if you have a self-instruction manual, and better a good tutor, but now look at the keys:

You can see the white and black keys, which are placed two and three times. You need three black keys, before the first find white – this is the first note of the scale. Every seven notes represent an octave. There are only such octaves: first, second, third, fourth, small, incomplete, large, subcontractive, ophthalmic.
To easily learn to play the piano, for starters it is necessary to open musical compositions for beginners. They are all written in the first octave. If you do not know how the notes are arranged, then the self-instruction manual will help you. In addition to the self-tutorial, you need musical compilations and a book on music theory.

To each finger its place

When you open the notes, you will see the numbers that stand next to the note. This is an indication of which finger to press which note. Now you will find out which digit is occupied by which finger:

  • Little finger – number 5.
  • Nameless is 4.
  • The average is number 3.
  • The index is number 2.
  • The big one is number 1.

To learn how to play the piano independently, it is worthwhile to perform all practical tasks, and play with the right fingers only.

Below, in the left corner of the title of the play, the tempo and character of the work are always indicated. Do not try to immediately play quickly, remember the softness of the hand and its plasticity. In this case, the brush should be round, and the fingers should not be bent, they should be like “hammers”!

If you want to learn how to play the piano, do not forget about the motivation:

  • It’s health benefits and gymnastics for the mind.
  • Preventing problems with stress and vision.
  • A great way to please loved ones and relatives.

Picture Credit: Regenwolke0