Learn Piano Skills From Home

Learn Piano Skills From HomeNow that many of us have extra time on our hands due to the Coronavirus, one may consider picking up a new skill. If you have always wanted to play the piano, now is the time to learn piano skills. Learning piano from home is one way that you can stay safe while pursuing a dream.

Many individuals have opted to learn piano skills from home using different methods. Some of these methods are free, while others do have a fee associated with them.

The first method to learn piano skills from home is by watching videos. What is great about videos is that you can watch them whenever you desire and can go back to review if need be. One site someone may desire to locate is Kanopy, which has 36 sessions on how to learn the keyboard. We like this one as a PDF accompanies it, so you can work at your own pace. During these sessions, you will learn piano skills such as basic rhythms and fingers, then move to chords and arpeggios. More advanced sessions include lessons on the Sonata form.

Perhaps one of the reasons we like Kanopy is that it may be offered free from your local library. If you are interested, ask your librarian if they offer this. If not, perhaps they may be willing to look into it for you. Some libraries have even removed the residency restriction. Various libraries are using self-registration passes during COVID-19.

Play Piano and Keyboards is a second set that contains 16 hours on how to learn piano skills. Lynda.com is the site where it will show you a better back position, hand poses, how to perform a melody or discover a new tune, and jazz improvising directions. This site can also be accessed through various libraries.

If you learn better by books, you may consider a collection of ebooks called OverDrive. These learn piano skills from the home method are available at many libraries. OverDrive also has videos and audio that may help a new piano learner.

If you are just learning piano skills, Alfred Music can help by offering books that are digitally available with video courses. These books will allow you to work at your own pace, causing it to be simpler for those that use the phrase “slow and steady wins the race”.

There is also software and apps that one may wish to consider when learning to play the keyboard. Mobile devices can utilize the Piano Academy app, which provides sheet melody and essential keyboard skills. The first week is complimentary, with a monthly agreement after this session. Flowkey is also an app that needs a subscription to utilize it. If you purchase various Yamaha digital pianos, three free months are included with the purchase.

If you have decided to learn piano from home, in Tampa, Fl, consider contacting Tampa Piano Tuning for all your service needs. We can not only help with tuning your piano, but voicing, rebuilding, and action regulation.

Picture Credit: Pexels