Refinishing A Used Piano

Refinishing A Used PianoYou can find the cheap used pianos plenty these days. They are set aside to make way for more sophisticated and compact machines although not many people can brag about having a Steinway. But before buying the available piano it is a good idea to have a professional look at it. An experienced technician can look at the piano to find patterns such as whether a cluster of strings has gone out of tune. He can also spot the issues with other things such as the pin block. But keep in mind that if the piano has been out of use for years, the only way of knowing whether it can be useful is by tuning it and verifying if can hold a tune.

Getting a piano technician to check the used piano

The piano technicians will normally charge between $100 to $200 for piano tuning and $100 for the inspection. A good way of finding a proper technician is by doing a bit of triangulation. Try to get word of mouth recommendations out of friends and piano teachers. You can also check with local piano dealerships and finally, check the listings of Piano Technicians Guild. The piano technician can check whether the used piano is worth buying before you purchase it. An expert can also tell you whether the piano can play well just by tuning it and regular maintenance without you having to refinish it.

Refinishing the piano

Most used pianos are in the need of a bit of TLC. If they are showing just a few signs of wear and tear it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is a need to replace the machine. You can use a DIY piano makeover to save money and improve the appearance of the piano. But, if you own a valuable antique or a family heirloom it may be a good idea to get the services of a professional. The steps for a DIY update of your piano include,

  • Dissemble the piano.
  • Clean the instrument.
  • Cover the soundboard and the keys.
  • Strip and/or sand the piano surfaces.
  • Select a finish.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint.
  • Refinish the piano by using black lacquer.
  • Apply stain to spruce up the piano.
  • Tune the piano and refinish the keys.

Staining a used piano

Many times it is not a good idea to refinish a used piano. Not only because the old pianos look great but after restoration, you are likely to feel that you hadn’t. Due to this reason, you can consider the staining option for your machine. The finished product in this case will be aesthetically pleasing. When you have a used piano that needs to be refinished or stripped either because you wish to re-stain the machine or because it has built-up paint, it is a good idea to set aside a lot of time for finishing the project and not rush into it. Keep in mind that it is a workable possibility and can save a lot of money. Although it is not a speedy process and needs a great deal of attention.

The DIY refinishing the piano can be a part of the bigger picture. There is a possibility that you are contemplating a move or a remodeling project and this is a part of the larger scheme of things. In any case, using a piano technician is the smart choice as the experience of the interaction can be rewarding apart from being helpful. Professionals can pass on a lot of knowledge about various possibilities and new developments in piano tuning/refinishing. For a consultation in the Tampa, FL area you can talk to the experienced technicians from Phil Frohna Piano Tuning.