How To Prepare Yourself Before Playing Piano Before An Audience

How To Prepare Yourself Before Playing Piano Before An AudienceHow would you feel if you are asked to perform in front of a large audience? Does this idea make you sweat or your hands shake? You don’t have to worry if that happens to you as this is completely normal. It’s a natural human instinct that occurs due to stressful circumstances. Both beginners and experienced piano players experience this before playing in front of an audience.

But you would be happy to know that performance anxiety is a healthy thing and it can be used to boost your performance. Yes, you read it right, it’s possible and some performers or musicians have learned to use it to their advantage. You can do it too but you need to learn to manage your performance anxiety instead of trying to overcome it. We have discussed some important tips that can help you manage and control the outcome.

Prepare Well And Repertoire Often
You need to know your song or piece well and play regularly to improve steadily. Consistent habit to practice and that too correctly is important. The most important stage is knowing the most difficult passage and spending considerable time to become comfortable with the tricky parts.

Select The Best Pieces For Your Performance
If you are not at the level of performing virtuoso pieces, you are taking a huge risk. You should always choose the pieces that you are best and most comfortable with. Playing piano regularly supports repertoire growth and enables you to add more pieces to your list of potential performance pieces. You may go for that virtuoso piece later but not before you are comfortable enough. Playing a simple piece to start with is completely fine and you don’t need to prove yourself to anybody.

Practice Performing
Simulating playing piano in your living room by settling down on your bench at your piano, opening the scorebook, taking a deep breath, and playing the entire song is important. Aim to finish the entire piece despite making a mistake or two during your performance. You should do the same if playing in front of an audience. It’s recommended to repeat this simulation regularly as over a period you gain more confidence.

Such efforts let you learn ways that can help in saving your performance despite making mistakes. After all, the audience will not leave if you ended up playing D instead of E, on one note.

Start Performing In Front of Small Audiences First
Playing piano in front of a large audience increases anxiety levels without a doubt. However, if you start by performing in front of close friends, loved ones or neighbors ensure you perform well. If you have anxiety issues in front of people, you may start by performing in front of your dog. Although it sounds ridiculous, there is nothing wrong with starting it that way. Over a period, you can perform in front of people and later a larger audience as you gradually gain more confidence with each practice performance you give.

Stay Calm and Focused
You should know how your body reacts in a stressful situation. Taking deep breaths and get in the zone where it is only you and your piano in the universe can drastically improve your focus levels. Ignoring noise or people around you by being calm and quiet internally improves your focus. It’s important to settle down on your bench and stay firmly grounded.

Be Well-Aware of Your Tempo
Playing your piece way too fast or stumbling are common lapses you make due to performance anxiety. It’s common and happens to almost every musician at some point or the other. Such instances help in knowing the tempo at which you are most comfortable playing the piece. Slowly hum the beginning of the piece in your head just like the original song plays and stay conscious of the speed while playing the piano in front of an audience. Practicing with a metronome can help in working on this point.

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