Playing Piano For Your Holiday Celebrations

Get Your Piano Ready for the HolidaysHolidays and music are an inseparable duo. There are very few things out there that can bring about the warmth of a holiday season more than the sound of a classic holiday song or a Christmas carol. One of the better ways of enjoying these tunes is by playing piano with your loved ones and friends at the holiday celebration. Here are some tips for incorporating some of the seasonal sounds into your holiday memories.

Decorate the piano and tune it

It is a fact that pianos are already quite beautiful on their own. However, if you decorate them for the holidays, they might become a focal point for everyone to see. You may consider creating a Christmas village over the top of the instrument, hanging a garland over it, wrapping it in lights, or providing a separate Christmas tree to it. If you have an out-of-tune instrument, it will easily take the wind out of all the holiday celebrations. Only a few sour notes can steal the cheer away from your room quickly. Ensure that you have it tuned perfectly for the holiday celebrations.

Get a piano mover to place the machine at the center

In case your machine is tucked away in a distant corner of your home, it is unlikely that you will be able to conduct the sing-along properly. This problem will persist even when the holiday celebrations are held in some other areas of the home. You must look to get the piano at the heart of all your celebrations. This means the music comes naturally, and the holiday celebrations are being performed in the piano room. You can use the services of a piano mover to relocate the piano.

Get new sheet music and practice the songs

You can find several books out there with holiday sheet music. In case you have been using the same older ones for many years now, it might be a good time to freshen up your repertoire with new ones. Having new songs will inspire you to rehearse them, and you can get your relatives to sing along. Another reason that can place a damper on your holiday celebrations is forgetting to play the tunes you have learned. Consider the songs you would like to play and then practice them thoroughly before the actual holiday celebrations.

Keep it simple and add some other instruments

In case you are an expert at playing piano, this tip might not apply to you. If you are somewhat of a lesser player, it might be a good idea to keep things relatively simple. The best way of doing this is not to overcomplicate the songs and try learning as many new songs as possible. Keep a solid list of tunes that everyone is aware of. The holiday season is all about looking for harmony. So, if you have some loved ones that can play some other instruments, get them to bring along those instruments and join the party.

It is a great thing to have a sing-along. So, trying and get everybody to sing together as new voices makes these sing-alongs much better. Remind them that anyone can sing while you are playing piano. If you live in Tampa, Fl area, and your piano needs tuning, get in touch with Tampa Piano Tuning for expert help.

Picture Credit: VistaCreate