How music can add a spark of positivity in every sphere of your life?

1. Music can help unlock your latent creativity

How music can add a spark of positivity in every sphere of your lifeMusic can go a long way in cheering you up which in turn can help unleash your hidden potential. You can be in your elements and at your creative best when you’re happy and cheerful. The greatest discoveries and inventions made in the history of mankind have been made by individuals blessed with a creative mind and intellect.

Mankind has always been inspired by great minds since ages and continues to be. The time-honored adage ‘Great Minds Think Alike’ corroborate the assertion that great thinkers including Beethoven, Mozart, and Thomas Edison were constantly drawing from their creativity for coming up with groundbreaking ideas. Playing piano or a bass guitar or simply lending your ears to soul-stirring notes produced by a musical instrument stimulates your gray cells enabling you to give free rein to your imagination.

Playing an instrument or listening to one triggers both sides of your brain eventually fuelling your creativity.

2. Music is the veritable universal lingua franca

The versatility and power of music are sweeping and across the board in that it not only influences humans but animals as well. Animals that are regarded as highly intelligent such as elephants and dolphins have known to be swayed by music. There is enough evidence to demonstrate that people throughout the world who speak different languages are able to comprehend and appreciate good music irrespective of its genre or style. More often than not, we’re not able to understand the nuances and subtleties of the notes reproduced by the keys while playing piano but most of us are able to make out whether the tunes are mirthful or melancholic.

3. Education can become more engaging because of music

Music has the power of making educational activities engaging and playful. We’ve often seen that a large number of kids are not able to understand a specific subject or topic when the teacher uses traditional instructional methods. For instance, many children find it difficult to memorize and recall multiplication tables when they’re made to learn by rote.

Try explaining your little one a mathematical problem by playing piano and you can bet he’ll or she’ll understand and solve the same in minutes. You can make your kid comprehend the stanzas of poetry in a better manner when you recite the verses in a manner as if it were a song.

4. Music can make you experience the entire gamut of emotions

Music can make you laugh, cry, weep, reminisce, and stir up emotions in your mind which you may not have experienced before. The flats, sharps, and natural notes generated by the different keys when playing piano can evoke a range of feelings and offer you a spiritual boost. A particular song or an instrumental music piece can take you on a vicarious journey and make you ecstatic or mournful. Music has the potential to enable you to live life with a spirit of joie-de-vivre.

Picture Credit: music4life