How to Arrange Your Home With a Piano

How to Arrange Your Home With a PianoGrand piano and piano give the house a special atmosphere. Even if none of the adult members of the family regularly play musical instruments, children, guests, guest musicians can play. And if the tool is inoperative, it can play a key role in interior design. How to properly arrange the home piano?

Pay attention to how the pianos are located in the homes of professional musicians. Their instruments with good sound, well-known companies and, as a result, are very expensive. And the place for them is chosen in accordance with certain requirements.

Piano can not be placed next to any heating devices, otherwise the wooden case will crack, and the instrument will quickly lose the line and the beauty of the sound.

Deploy the tool sideways to the window

Moreover, choose the right side of the orientation of the piano – the light should fall on the left side.

Microclimate – wet and cool

It is better if there is a window or a balcony near the piano. The air in the room where the musical instruments are located must be moist and cool. If you often can not ventilate the room, you should take care of a humidifier.

Best place – bay window

Ideally, if the piano is placed in a bay window – thus, due to the arrangement of the windows in a semicircle, all conditions are met at once: good lighting, suitable humidity and temperature.

Tools for beginners

If you have a synthesizer or a compact electronic piano with a hammer mechanism, you can ignore the rules of orientation. The system supports electronics, and the dimensions allow you to fit them into any small niche or even into the passage rooms.

Electronic pianos are good for the initial stage of learning music – it is their most often now chosen for children’s rooms. The volume of the sound is adjustable, it is possible to work on such instruments with headphones. That is, the sound will not interfere with neighbors and even sleeping family members. However, over time, if the child is making progress, you still have to get a real tool. The methods of sound extraction on the present and electronic piano are very different.

Dust – the enemy of good sound

It is not recommended to put a regular instrument on the libraries. The acoustic properties of sound in a room filled with books are lost. He will be deaf and dull. In addition, book dust penetrates into the instrument and settles on the strings, which is highly undesirable.

Piano as a piece of furniture

Another thing, if the piano performs an exclusively decorative function. If you inherited a tool that is impossible to play for technical reasons (the boards were cracked, the plates were lost, the covering keys), and there is no desire or opportunity to restore the sound and appearance, try to make an art object out of it. Let grandfather’s piano become a conversation piece – a thing that all guests are discussing.

The piano can and should be used as a bright decorative element. A familiar collector uses a grand piano as a support, around which the paintings are arranged. And it looks like, I must say, fine. Someone likes to use the piano as a console, where there are albums on art. Someone at all makes him lights or flowers.

Experiment with color

The classical colors of musical instruments — black, dark brown, and white — have hardly changed in a few centuries. This is partly due to the fact that the market for musical instruments is very conservative. Designers are experimenting with the shape of a piano, but not with color. Try painting the tool in dark gray, yellow, green or wine red – in accordance with the current interior fashion.

Spaces for the piano

Musical instruments, of course, require a certain space, but often far less than is commonly thought. There are armchair pianos, whose wing length is much shorter than that of concert ones. They will fit even in small living rooms.

Like in a concert hall

In residential interiors, especially in the condition of shortage of square meters, the instrument is most often placed near the wall. Sometimes it looks boring. But if you put the piano on the podium, it can be a good interior solution. This imitation of a concert hall can even encourage people to sit at the instrument more often – it’s nice for anyone to hear applause!

Picture Credit: Mariamichelle