Why You Need To Work With The Same Piano Tuner

Why You Need To Work With The Same Piano TunerAn interesting concept that is evidently evolving around the world is the principle of the instrument’s operation by one tuner, it is connected with many benefits of the client:

  • customers often forget when they tune their instrument, so it is convenient for the client to make the obligation to remember the periodicity of tuning lay on the tuner’s side (regular tuning cycles have a major impact on the stabilization of the outfit),
  • customers often forget what was repaired in a given piano, so keeping the so-called service instrument card by one tuner helps to control expenses and service processes,
  • clients who use permanent services from one professional tuner are primarily educated about how to use the instrument properly so that it can be used without major repairs for many years,
  • being a regular, long-term client of one tuner, we will certainly get special discounts for services provided,
  • using the services of a single tuner, certainly a few years in advance, we will be informed about upcoming periodic repairs or renovations, which will allow for a quiet planning of costs,
  • if anything goes wrong with the instrument, it is known to whom you can have comments, in the case of repairs carried out by many different professionals, this aspect is distracted,
  • the tuner often becomes a friend of the house.

The main privilege for a piano tuning company to permanently service one client (apart from the client-tuner’s personal relations and relationships) is to reduce the costs of obtaining a job, and the actual, real opportunity to ensure that a given instrument under the care of a tuner is always kept in good condition and he gave real joy, pleasure to its users.

Only the use of pianos maintained in a good mood and stable high-quality technical condition ensures long-term service life of instruments and minimizes operating costs, eliminating expensive repairs and unnecessary repairs.

Picture Credit: Pixabay