Piano Placement In The Home

Piano Placement In The HomePiano placement is very important in your home. After all, pianos are a large investment. So you want to make sure you find the perfect spot for this glorious musical instrument. Here we will discuss where the best places to put a piano include.

First off, we advise you not to place your new piano by a window. Sure, you may want to play with the sun shining in on you. This is understandable. But the sun is not something that you want to pair up your piano with. The paint, wood, and varnish on the piano can all warp, discolor, or become damaged due to the sun’s bright rays.

Climate change is something that you must think about when it comes to your keys. Are there fluctuations in the climate in any place in your home? If so, steer clear of placing your piano there. This would be any place that is close to a heating source, such as a fireplace or wood stove. This also includes air vents.

You should strive to keep your piano away from the kitchen, as far as possible. Think about the extreme fluctuations in temperatures in this room. Hot from cooking breakfast, then cools down, heats back up from lunch or an afternoon of baking, then cools down. Suppertime could mean heating back up and then cooling back down overnight. These temperature changes are not good for a piano in the least. If there are any other humid areas of your home, such as a laundry room, be certain not to place your piano next to this room either.

Think about placing your piano in a room where it will sound amazing. Looks are great for some things, but a piano’s true glory is how it sounds. Some like carpeted rooms because it mutes the sound. Others prefer rooms where there are tiled floors as the sound produced will sound more like the opera. No one can tell you where it will sound the best. Only you can make that decision.

Pianos will look great in the corners of a room, especially a baby grand. However, if you have to move everything to one side of the room, making it look and feel cluttered, you may want to skip this. Should the only place be the corner, consider getting rid of some items to lessen the clutter.

If you like the piano in the center of the room, you are saying you want to showcase the piano off. However, be certain there is room in the center for the piano. You should have ample room to get around the musical instrument without bumping into it or other things around it. One can always entertain the thought of placing a baby piano with the flat side against the wall too.

Owning a piano is a wonderful investment. If you should have any questions about placement in your home, or about the instrument in general, consider contacting a professional such as Tampa Piano Tuning by Phil Frohna.

Picture Credit: Pixabay