How Playing Piano Can Be Good For Your Health

How Playing Piano Can Be Good For Your HealthWe are going through a period in which many people are beginning to learn new activities, in an attempt to somehow forget that they need to spend more time at home than ever, but also stay sane during the lockdown. After all, it would be a shame to not use this completely free time constructively!
And it appears that playing piano is one of the most popular activities of the moment, whether it’s done on a real piano or a virtual one, thanks to this magnificent thing called technology, and planning to do the real deal as well, after the lockdown.
This is a great decision as, besides being incredibly relaxing, playing piano can also have some until now unknown health benefits!
Curious already? Let’s find out more details about this…

It can increase cognitive development
According to several scientific studies, creating music can stimulate the human brain in specific ways that other activities cannot. The explanation is simple: multiple neurological pathways are connected while in front of the piano, to eventually use them in other disciplines, like science, math, or even engineering.

Develops eye-hand coordination
Considering that while playing piano you need to carefully read the music sheets but also work with your fingers over the keys, both of them need to be highly coordinated.
Obviously, doing this repeatedly can only have positive benefits, even if we are talking about sight reading drills.

It reduces anxiety and stress
Picture this: it has been a ridiculously busy day and everything you want is to unwind a bit. Sounds familiar, we know. Well, you should know that sitting down and playing piano for a few moments can help you refocus, relieve stress, and even lower blood pressure a bit.
You will feel good after playing, trust us!

Has great effects on your mental health
Mental health can be considered one of the biggest issues of the 21st century and many individuals are dealing with them, without even being aware of this.
It has been proven that pianists can see a reduction in depressions and its symptoms, but also other mental health issues. We are talking about social pain or loneliness, which can be kept under control when playing piano.

It develops fine motor skills
Finally, let’s not forget that while playing piano, your hands can move efficiently over the keys only with consistent practice. It really does not matter if you have bigger or smaller hands! With enough training, you will end up having all the agility you need to play even the most demanding compositions.
Nevertheless, you just cannot play a piano that has not adjusted properly. This is where I come in.

My name is Phil Fronha and ever since 1992, I am a piano tuner and technician based in Tampa Bay.
Whether you are after rebuilding, action regulation, voicing, or tuning, I am here to help!

Picture Credit: Pixabay