Digital Piano VS. Acoustic Piano! A Comparison!

Digital Piano VS. Acoustic Piano! A Comparison!When you are looking to purchase a piano, there are a few considerations you need to take into account before taking the plunge. Factors such as the amount of money you are looking to spend, where you are going to place the machine, and the biggest decision is whether to buy a digital piano or acoustic piano? Keep in mind that the acoustic pianos are the real pianos. Its case is made from solid wood that cradles the 220 strings, soundboard, hammers, and several other moving components. The distinctive character of a piano is its capability to play both loud and soft music along with everything in between. The digital pianos are electronic and they do not have as many moving components. They use built-in speakers to create sampled piano sounds.

Pros of acoustic pianos

  • It produces organic sound.
  • Playing classical music on an acoustic piano is a great experience.
  • It is a beautiful instrument and enhances the appearance of a house.

Cons of acoustic pianos

  • Its size and weight can be unwieldy.
  • Special care is required for its maintenance.
  • They require frequent tuning.
  • It may need polishing depending on its finishing.

Pros of digital pianos

  • The digital piano makers step up their game every year.
  • One of the complaints piano players had about the digital piano was that it doesn’t quite sound like the acoustic piano. This problem is being rectified by the digital piano makers every year.
  • Many digital pianos these days have wooden keys that respond similarly to the acoustic piano.
  • They have other advantages over the conventional instrument.
  • They are lightweight and can be moved around the house more readily.
  • Digital pianos are not as sensitive to the environment as the acoustic version.
  • There is no need of tuning the instrument.
  • You are unlikely to disturb your neighbors because you can just use headphones or turn down its volume.
  • These instruments come with MIDI capabilities that allow you to do several interesting things.
  • Most digital pianos have recording capabilities.
  • There is a range of choices available for sound.
  • They are a lot cheaper than acoustic pianos.

Cons of digital pianos

  • The biggest downside is that it is not quite like the acoustic piano despite its several advantages.
  • It doesn’t look as great as the conventional machines.
  • It is tougher to get the digital pianos repaired.

Comparison between acoustic piano and digital piano

The fact remains that you cannot beat owning an acoustic piano. It has a personality and soul that the digital version doesn’t have. However, getting an acoustic piano might not always be practical. If you have sufficient budgets think about getting both machines. Although this may sound extravagant, it depends on your intentions about playing the instrument and the constraints of your budget. However, this can pay off a great deal while practicing. For instance, there is the constant worry that you will disturb the neighbors while practicing the acoustic pianos. The digital piano can get rid of this problem but you will not enjoy playing it as much as the real thing and as a result, can shy away from the practice.

Kawai and Yamaha have created acoustic pianos that include digital in-built pianos that can be switched on and off by using a button. Providing the feel of the real piano the digital version also offers the flexibility of using headphones and volume control. However, these hybrids are expensive. For a beginner, it might be a good idea to get a digital piano initially and later switch to the acoustic piano. If you have a grand piano that needs tuning in the Tampa, FL area you can contact Tampa Piano Tuning for expert services.

Picture Credit: Pixabay