Taking Time To Learn Playing Piano

Taking Time To Learn Playing PianoMany times it feels as if time is speeding up and becoming unavailable quickly especially after the last year. With all the events happening around you all the time, you may wonder if you will ever find time to practice playing the piano. It is difficult to find the time away from a packed schedule to practice the instrument. The key lies in balancing music, work, and family and make time for playing the piano. Here are some significant factors towards it.

Key lies in consistency

The key to finding time to play piano lies in consistency in balancing the responsibilities of life with practice. If you work out for 2 hours on just a single day of a week, it is not going to make you stronger. But, if you can find time for 30 minutes, five days a week, it will work for you. You are not going to become healthier just by consuming two healthy meals in a week and having fast food the rest of the time. You are going to need consistent efforts while learning to practice piano no matter how much time you can provide. You can surely find 15 minutes every day for piano practice, right?

Prepare a schedule

Nobody is going to provide you the time to practice piano. You will have to find the time yourself so, prepare a schedule. Set a timer for 30 minutes each day after dinner. Or, you may set aside time first thing in the morning just before your breakfast. After a refreshing practice session you can move on with your daily chores and you will find them more enjoyable as you are starting your day with a creative and stress relieving activity. You can also play piano during your lunch break or before bedtime, just schedule the right time. You will also discover that you are scheduling other events of your life as well in this vain and it will be beneficial to you overall.

Get the family involved

You might wonder whether you will miss out on family time to practice playing the piano. There is no need to worry as you can get the entire family involved in practicing music. It is a wonderful experience to play music and it is also a great way of spending time together as a whole family. Apart from that, you can also expose your family to the several benefits involved in playing piano and get them more involved in music. You might even develop a family band.

Pay attention and remain excited

There are several forms involved in practicing music. For instance, you may have a listening journal. Take some time out to listen to the songs that you enjoy. Use headphones while listening to the songs in a quiet place away from all distractions. Write down your thoughts about this song in the journal. Why do you think this particular song makes you feel this way? Or, why do the saxophones enter the piece when they do? You can do this while traveling on a train or during lunch breaks. You need to sit quietly and be calm. Just listen to all the conversations taking place around you or the sound of people walking.

It is important to understand the significance of music to yourself as you are trying to balance the available time with other portions of your life. The key lies in staying excited about learning to play the piano. Find new songs or resources for inspiration and avoid getting stagnated about enjoying music. If you live in Tampa Bay, FL area and have a piano that needs tuning, contact Phil Frohna Piano Tuning for reliable service.

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