Selecting A Suitable Piano For Your Room

Finding The Right Piano For Your RoomOnce you have decided to purchase a piano, you will be eagerly awaiting the several hours you will spend playing piano to bring pleasure to yourself and your family. However, these pianos are available in several shapes and sizes, making it tough to be aware of the right instrument to purchase. The most important considerations while buying a piano are its size, and the next one is its placement. Some other factors also affect the sound quality of the machine. Here are some easy guidelines that will not only be useful while playing piano but will help in deciding the right one for your space.

Size of the room

The size of the room is the most crucial factor in deciding the right machine for you. Larger the room, the larger the machine can be accommodated. Ideally, you should opt for the largest possible piano that can be accommodated in a room. But there are several strings attached to it. The greater surface area and more length of the strings in the case of larger pianos means a louder sound. But most non-professionals do not need larger machines for playing piano as their interests are leisurely.

Disturbance to other members living in the house

There is also the need to decide whether the other people living near the room will get disturbed when you are playing piano. This factor also depends on room treatment. If there is plenty of soft furniture within the room, such as easy chairs and sofas, or carpets and drapes, you will find that the sound created by the piano will be a lot softer as it will travel a short distance only. But if the room has little furniture and hardwood flooring and curtains, it will not absorb too much sound. Having a grand piano in such rooms might be a touch overbearing in this case. You might have to do with an upright piano for such rooms.


Having said that, keep in mind that grand pianos many times have more pleasing aesthetics instead of the uprights. In case you are set on purchasing a grand piano and not willing to compromise for an upright one, and the room has sufficient space to accommodate the machine, you might wish to consider getting a baby grand piano. A smaller-sized grand piano rather than a full-sized model will be ideal. So, all things considered, a large grand piano might not be the right choice for a usual living room. There is a reason why they are called concert grands, as they are usually designed for a concert hall.

You need to get your piano properly tuned periodically and protect it from unexpected climate changes that may harm the machine. For instance, never place the piano under direct sunlight. Although having the piano near the windows may appear to be aesthetically pleasing, the direct heat from the sun can damage the instrument. If you reside in Tampa, FL area and are looking to get your piano tuned, look no further than Phil Frohna Piano Tuning for this work. Also, keep in mind not to place the piano close to air vents, as temperature changes can affect the piano.

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