How To Learn Piano Yourself At Home?

Learn How to Teach Yourself Piano at HomeA common question asked by aspiring pianists is if they can learn piano themselves at home. Yes, it is possible. Although learning piano from an instructor is the best way, some students often prefer self-learning. The piano is the most versatile instrument, learning it serves you well in various other areas of life. In case you are truly committed to playing the instrument, the following guide can help you get started.

Buy Your Keyboard or Piano

It’s impossible to learn piano if you don’t own one yourself. Despite having access to a piano at a public place, you need the privacy of your home to learn and master the instrument. Hence, the 1st step is to make an investment which is roughly between $2000 to $10,000.

Starting as a beginner you don’t need a grand piano but your instrument should be of good quality. Acoustic pianos being large and heavy need regular tuning to remain functional. Although these aspects create a negative image, replacing the sound and feel of a real piano isn’t possible.

In case you are looking for an affordable option, buy a digital keyboard to start with. Usually, such pianos having 88-keys start at about $150. Additionally, you require a keyboard stand, sustain pedal, and a piano bench. The cost increases if you look for a piano with more features such as sound effects, USB drive, sample songs, internal metronome, etc.

On the other hand, refrain from getting tempted to buy inexpensive or low-quality pianos. You should look for a piano with weighted keys as it helps you in achieving different dynamics of the music you learn.

Find Middle C When Starting

Now that you have a keyboard but no musical background, you might be overwhelmed while looking at those keys. The first and foremost thing to do here would be finding the middle C. It acts as your home base or the place where each beginner pieces work off of. For finding middle C, you should sit in front of the piano and position yourself at the center.

Black keys are arranged in sets of two and three and Middle C is the white key that is placed on the left of the grouping of two black keys at the center of the keyboard. Start by placing the right thumb on the Middle C, the pointer finger on its left, and the middle finger on the white note that is next to E. Now using the three notes, you can play Mary Had a Little Lamb by ear.

Learn To Read Music, Finger Exercises, and Chord Progression

Before expecting to play the piano, you need to pin down some good resources that explain how you can learn piano yourself. Internet is the perfect resource to get content and tips. You can browse through some popular websites that rank on top for different search terms such as “Learn Piano Yourself”. They provide you an in-depth idea of the best approach and tips.

Combine Self Learning With Lessons

Although you know how you can learn piano yourself, most of you might keep it up for several weeks like a New Year’s Resolution. Hence, after you start learning to play the piano, you should aim to take lessons and reach the next level.

While learning from a private piano teacher you can make drastic improvements and increase confidence and stay motivated. A teacher provides you individualized instructions that help you deal with difficult steps of initially understanding the piano. Your teacher can motivate you to hold yourself accountable for completing the entire music theory work and becoming a better pianist. You can also broaden your perspective by opening your eyes to the beauty of other genres of music besides the simpler ones which you often learn yourself.

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Picture Credit: Crello